NC Hydraulic Press

Presenting its cutting-edge NC Hydraulic Press, Shivam Technomech is proud to be a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in Ahmedabad. Our NC Hydraulic Press, which provides outstanding performance in a range of industrial applications, is proof of sophisticated technology and precision engineering.

As a reputable NC Hydraulic Press manufacturer, we place a high value on product innovation and quality. Our hydraulic presses are made to be versatile and meet the changing demands of a variety of industries. Whether you operate in fabrication, metalworking, or other pressing industries, our NC Hydraulic Press is designed to be as reliable and efficient as possible.

Our NC Hydraulic Press is renowned for its smooth functioning and easy-to-use design, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. Businesses looking for effective pressing solutions will find it to be a great asset due to the combination of modern features that guarantee excellent performance.

Shivam Technomech is aware of the vital function hydraulic presses perform in various industrial operations. Because of its durable construction, our NC Hydraulic Press offers dependable and steady performance over an extended period of use. To guarantee lifespan and durability, we employ premium materials and strict production guidelines.

Shivam Technomech is a reputable supplier of NC Hydraulic Presses that businesses in Ahmedabad can rely on for excellent quality and industry knowledge. Our hydraulic presses provide a great mix between affordability and functionality at an affordable price. Our dedication lies in providing solutions that enhance the productivity and prosperity of our customers’ businesses.

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NC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Manufacturer

NC Features

  • PLC base automation
  • 2 Axis (X+Y) controller
  • Touch Screen (size 7”)HMI
  • 99 program saving memory and customize
  • Capacity -10 bends input in each program with individual back gauge positions.
  • Auto bending limit can set
  • Groove size and sheet thickness input option
  • Single stroke and multi stroke programmable
  • Back gauge retract system
  • Stroke counter
  • Auto back gauge and degree setting
  • Servo motor and drive
  • Heavy duty ball screw and LM guide
  • Linear Scale for angle measurement
  • Fingers with micro setting
  • Easy to program and user friendly system
  • Internal setting control secured by password