Iron Worker Machine

With great pride, Shivam Technomech presents its Iron Worker Machine, an example of fine engineering and high production standards. Its is a masterwork, built with precision to handle a wide range of metalworking applications with unparalleled efficiency. Our wide selection of Iron Worker Machine models is designed to satisfy the particular task needs of customers, guaranteeing an easy-to-use and intuitive operating system.

The Iron Worker Machine is the perfect tool for a variety of metalworking activities because of its adaptable functionality. It performs very well in shearing, punching, notching, and bending operations. Constructed using premium components, this apparatus has a sturdy and long-lasting framework that guarantees steadiness and dependability in heavy-duty metal fabricating uses. The robust punching mechanism is designed to provide accurate cutting of angles, flat bars, and round bars, while the shearing component accommodates various punch sizes and shapes.

The machine has the flexibility required to create notches in metal sheets since it is outfitted with a notching station. Even the bending part guarantees precise metal sheet bending, which is necessary for precisely shaping components. The Iron Worker Machine is a cost-effective option for workshops with a variety of metalworking demands, and it finds applications in a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, construction, and metal fabrication.

Selecting the Iron Worker Machine from Shivam Technomech ensures excellent production, adaptability, longevity, and productivity. Using premium materials and precise craftsmanship, this machine lets you accomplish a variety of metalworking jobs with just one dependable piece of equipment. With our Iron Worker Machine, you may achieve precise outcomes and enduring performance in a range of metalworking procedures.

Iron Worker Machine Manufacturer

Categories Iron Worker Machine
Brand Shivam Technomech
Model STIW
Condition Brand New
 Structure IS 2062 Mild Steel
Application Metal cutting
Metal Processed Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Galvanized etc..
Automation Semi Automatic
Product Type Hydraulic
Operation Foot Switch
FOB Port ICD Khodiyar (Gujarat), Mundra Port(Gujarat), Nahva Sheva Port (Maharashtra)

Standard Features

Steel cutting capacity